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This spot is based on our own inability to find time to be with our beloved ones. Our lack of time comes from the impossibility of being focused on life. We are so flattered, so lost, so overwhelmed with all the media booming ( in part is caused by ourselves). And It is so hard that we barely can remember what really matters: who are our close friends or family.

These emotive spots from Leo Burnett are produced by Tesauro, directed by Felix Fernandez de Castro and Media by Mediacom.

We have too many friends on Facebook, so many distractions with everybody else’s lives that we forget to call our longtime life friends and worst of all, we have a fake feeling that these needs are being covered with seeing them on screen. We think that everything is alright with this person only checking their status on Twitter or Facebook.

It’s been two years since I deleted my Facebook profile. I became sad and stressed watching other people lives and travels and looking at myself completely alone. I mean, I’m completely alone right now, but centred in my own life enjoying my own time.

After going out from this social network, I began seeing my old friends again without planning or doing anything special. I mean, I did NOTHING, (I didn’t make a call telling them “We have to see each other more…” It happened simply by not letting myself get into unknown people’s lives or false friend’s activities. Without all this information overload I began focusing again on my life and close friends and suddenly I found myself talking with Robert or Josep or going for a walk with Martha (figured names).

Companies (yes, even Ruaveja on these spots pretending to be pro-friendship) control their ads even our political information access, not with a social and human point of view. What they’re building is not about friendship or people’s issues, is about structures and business models. These models use news and data showed on Facebook or Twitter and turn it into engagement and challenging steps for using a product. Companies are organizing how we function and they strongly suggest what we can and we cannot do.

So, it's crucial to go away from all this noise for a while. It’s not about deleting all the social profiles but organizing your time. This is one example: don’t put the phone in front of you, keep it on a handbag or finish a determined amount of activities before you allow yourself to check it.

So the deal is not to avoid screens&devices but to make balanced use of them (without falling into addictive behaviour.) Maybe to connect with our beloved ones. This seems to be quite difficult but is not.

And try to avoid the expression “We have to….” an overused tagline for doing nothing. The change comes not only from our digital world but also from our physical environment.



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